Saturday, June 30, 2007

she is growing

pictures of skyview #2

I am having issues with photobucket. Augh! Here are the pictures, but now I don't know what happened to the text. Annoying!

Sunday, June 24, 2007

we went camping

Memorial Day 2007 (or rather the Sunday night before) Stephanie, the Tachers and I went camping at Cascade Park. We were suppose to meet the Party up there but the wimps let the rain scare them away. We had nice weather for our camp out. Marc did a good job with a fire, we ate ate foil dinners, made smores and had a wonderful time. Mom, Dad and Grandma Jackie came up the next morning to hang out for the day. They brought lunch and the sun even came out. We are planning a camping trip for all of the Farrars in August and I can't wait.

Friday, June 08, 2007

folk life festival aka farrar photo shoot

Stephanie and I went downtown for Seattle's Folk Life Festival and saw a lot of interesting things. We watched some Filipino dancers, listened to some bands and saw too many to count weird (or just different than us) people. We felt a little out of place since we were not pierced, tattooed, immodest, dreadlocked, or tie-dyed. All in all we had a lovely sunny afternoon in the city and I got to hang out with Steph, something I don’t get to do enough.

farmer fun

I love going to the Farmers and was so glad that I was able to go for a long weekend. Lindsay even came in town for Farmer fun. We mostly just hung out and did Graduation things. Kaitlin played tennis in the HS State Championships; we stayed the night in a hotel in Boise and watched her play all Friday. Saturday afternoon Laurie had a big party for Kaitlin, we ate lots of yummy food (we had leftovers all week!) and then Rick, Laurie, Kaitlin, Lindsay and I went to Boise to see the play “Hairspray.” Kaitling spoke in Church on Sunday and then we said goodbye to Linds. On Monday I helped Laurie with some projects and went with Kaitlin to open a checking account. That night was also her Graduation. Tuesday was my saddest day in Fruitland, they day I left for home. The Farmers are high energy, there are a lot of them and they have a lot going on all of time, but even still for some reason it is very relaxing and enjoyable. There just is a great Spirit and love in their home, everyone one can fill it and that is why I (and all of my friends I have came over the years) always go back. Can’t wait until my next dose of Farmer Fun!!!

kaitlin's graduation

I went to the Farmers a few weeks ago for Kaitlin's High School Graduation. Kaitlin was one of Fruitland High School's Valedictorians and she even spoke at Graduation. I have known Kaitlin since she was 6 months old and I can’t believe she is headed to BYU in the fall!!! Laurie and I registered her for classes last night (Kaitlin wasn’t very interested in doing it herself. Good thing that Laurie and I had fun doing it, it helps that we are both kind of control freaks) and I am planning to be in Provo for her first week at school. I love Kaitlin; she is beautiful, smart, athletic, funny, kind, and she has amazing muscles too. I think she is kind of nervous for BYU, but she is amazing and she’ll do great.