Thursday, August 28, 2008


James and I were eating our delicious dinner (shrimp and chicken spaghetti, with green beans and sourdough bread) when I got a phone call from Cousin Eric (Micah's cousin not mine). I hadn't talk to Eric for a few months so I was delighted that he called me. Then I was even more delighted to find out that he and his wife and unborn child were only two exits away from my house!!! We gave them quick directions and within minutes I was hugging the Ellis'. Eric's family lives in Canada and they were all camping for the weekend in WA. Eric and I have been good friends for years, I am so happy for him and I am so proud of the man he has become, I can't wait for him to be a dad!. Eric and Nakita are so cute. I love them and I am so excited they took time to visit me and meet James.

Friday, August 22, 2008

and they're off

Dad's least favorite part of "Father of the Bride" is at the end when the Steve Martin can't find his daughter to say goodbye to her before she leaves with her new husband (my dad always cries). With that in mind I made Steph find Dad before she left the reception.
Stephanie and Rob left to the sound of their family and friends makin' some noise (we had all kinds of noise makers)

The Bride


partying it up at the reception

Me wearing my sassy wedding outfit

James was a huge help at the reception, it was so great to have him there with us

James hit it off with Michelle and Lindsay-that made me so happy

Stephanie and Rob with all of the kids

I love me some Leah Rose

Introducing Mr. and Mrs. Rob Nyland

Eating cake, I don't think they really cut it (I missed that part)

Probably one of my top 5 favorite pictures of us!

Dad jumped in on one of the best pictures of Nicki, Emily and I

The party (I have a little Farrar gimp eye going on)

The party with Mr. Quigley

Rob and his last 3 roommates

Aidan and Greyson with the newlyweds

My grandmothers

Farrar and Carter our traditional "sisters picture"

Provo friends- it was so great that Michelle and Lindsay came for the wedding

A little dancing/singing to Air Supply! Where's Rob?

party of the century

Natalie (our family wedding planner, available for hire) and Steph did an awesome job planning the reception-every detail was perfect. It was such a wonderful party. Tons of people came and everyone had so much fun! It was totally worth all of the work. Stephanie and Rob were really happy. And that is what it was all about.

at the temple

Waiting for the Nylands to come out of the Temple:

Here they come:

Stephanie looked absolutely gorgeous:

Michelle made her beautiful bouquet

Don't worry that it was one of the hottest days of the year (we nearly melted):

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

pre-wedding celebrations

Jacob and Lisa flew in from Florida in late Wednesday night. Grandma Jackie, Aunt Susan, Uncle Jerry and Meredith were also all in town. It was so fun having so many people here for the wedding. On Thursday James picked up the boys for the weekend and then drove up to my parents to party with all of the Farrars. Around 10 o'clock that night we decided we wanted ice cream from McDonald's and off we went.

On Friday I picked Lindsay up early from the airport, Michelle had come a couple of hours earlier and then met up with us. Kendra also came in from Indiana (I really have no idea when she actually got to Lynnwood, but she was in town for the wedding celebrations). All of the girls met for an afternoon of pampering and girl talk. It was perfect. It was so nice to take time out of our busy schedules to relax and celebrate Stephanie.

After lunch with all of the girls we did some setting up at the church. Linds, Michelle and I drove into downtown Seattle to pick up flowers at Pike Place Market (we got ice cream cones at Dicks first). In the evening we had a big Mexican dinner at the Beach for both Rob's and Stephanie's families and friends. The weather was gorgeous and the food was delicious.

Rob welcoming everyone out

Miss Leah

Some of our side

Leah's first time playing Pinata (she didn't like wearing the mask)

Aidan was a mad man

She might not have been sure about the Pinata, but she loved what came out of it
Grey and Aidan, the little Pirates, with their booty

Stephanie with her Ricks College roommates

Steph with Kendra's three kids

Of course I made James take a couple pictures, he doesn't complain as much these days

Leah saying, "give it back Greyson"

The happy couple

Party goers, this is about the time the dang mosquitoes attacked

Grandma Jackie and her brother Uncle Jerry