Sunday, March 25, 2007

come on already,no more rain

Seattle has been sunny before, I know it can be sunny again. Maybe it sometimes forgets how beautiful it is when the sun is shining. There is really nothing quite like Seattle when the sun is out. However, lately we have not seen bright Mr. Sun and the rain is starting to get old. I am easy to please, it doesn't even have to be very warm out, all I want is for it to be dry. Maybe all this rain will be worth it in the summer when everything is so green. Freak, it better be worth it. (p.s. still come visit me, even in the rain it is a great place and besides I am still here!)

Sunday, March 18, 2007

happy birthday andy

don't even worry...I went rollerskating!

it is apparently easier to skate with your mouth open

the Melting Pot-yum

my view across the table- Emily and Nicki

Andy, the birthday boy

Chocolate fondue is so good

the best way to eat the chocolate is with a spoon

the Party after the feast-full and happy

We celebrated Andy's 31st birthday in style. Rollerskating at the Everett Skate Deck with the whole family. I can't believe I even put on skates, haven't done that since like 5th grade. Later that afternoon the Party met at the Melting Pot for a grown-up dining experience. Andy and Emily prefer what they know and already like, so this was a big step for our group (trying something new and different). We all had a great time and ate too much. I totally recommend it.

big baby

Leah is getting so big. We have family dinners often and Leah sits at the table with us. Last Sunday we had soups and salads (delicious!) and she ate lots of big people food. She is so cute.

a farrar wedding (you don't hear that everyday)

Jacob and Lisa Farrar

they even had a dance party at the reception

Farrar cousins

our new sister (all the Farrar girls)

Jacob and Lisa were married in the Seattle Temple on March 2, 2007. These are just a few pictures of that blessed event. The reception was beautiful and fun. We had a wonderful time. It is always so neat to be in the Temple with my family. Almost all of the Farrars, a lot of the Abstons and some good friends we haven't seen for awhile came to the reception. Can't wait for the next Farrar wedding!!!

Thursday, March 15, 2007

i like michelle

If you don't know Michelle then you are missing out. She is amazing and I want to be like her, pretty much in every way. Last year Michelle helped me complete my first "race" (I walked a 5k). She went on to do bigger and better things (a 1/2 marathon). Wow! She is doing another this year, I am far away from doing anything like that, but I just signed up for a 10k in JUNE! What am I thinking? So far Emily is going to do it with me, anyone else?.....anyone?

Saturday, March 03, 2007

more provo pictures

just darling, ladies Jeremiah is looking better than ever these days (and he sings too!)

Kristen and Linsay my best friends from my Central America trip, we met for breakfast

I got to spend a lot of time with Jared and that made me so happy, he is so great

there was four in the bed...we had so many great moments together, we had a pretend slumber party before I left town

I love Lindsay and miss her a lot, this picture was taken in the snow (yuck)

I did so many fun things in Provo that didn't get photographed like spending the day with Michelle, BYU volleyball game, tickle torturing Micah with Linds and Rachel (it still makes me laugh just thinking about it), movie with Micah, lunch with Meredith Rosenvall and on and on. I feel so blessed to have these great friends in my life that even after I move away it is as if our relationship hasn't changed at all. I can't wait until I go back, but until then everyone come visit me!

Thursday, March 01, 2007

back from p-town

I went to Provo for a few days, just got back into town. I had a wonderful time hanging out with friends and just feeling the love. I have more pictures to post, but for now last minute wedding plans are priority one. Jacob and Lisa are getting married tomorrow so I will have lots of blogging to catch up on. Until then....