Wednesday, July 23, 2008

sayaw sayaw jutay...

When Leah was real little I taught her this Cebuano dance and she loved it, then she grew tired of it. We are doing it again these days and it is just as cute as ever. Gotta love that Leah Girl!

Friday, July 18, 2008

4th of july picture overdose

We of course celebrated 4th of July this year at Kayak Point, one of our favorite traditions. It was fun having James, Grey and Aidan with us (James' parents also came, they were in town visiting). The food was good, hot dogs! Yum! The weather was great, not too hot, but sunny. The kids had fun playing in the sand and getting dirty. The kayaks didn't really go out, we were all too busy lounging and eating to do any hard paddling. Everyone left kayak point pretty early. The Quigleys and I ate a picnic on my parents front yard, did fireworks and then ended the night watching the fireworks at Lynnwood High School. It was a fun holiday. I love America and I am grateful that we have a day to remember the blessings we enjoy from living in this country and all that made these freedoms possible.

Grey wouldn't take a funny picture, he wasn't in a goofy mood, we had to work hard to get him in one

Aidan loves life, loves food, just don't sit too close to him when he is eating

James does not like how many pictures I take, so he isn't always cooperative

We finally got an ok one, the bum

what happened to june?

June just flew by, honestly where does the time go? A lot of fun things happened in June that I never even posted and now its already the middle of JULY!!! So here is a summary of last month and hopefully I'll update July before this month is over too. Sheesh.

The first day of summer and the SUN was shining in Seattle

I spent many hours in June swimsuit shopping, nasty, but had to be done

Father's Day with the Quigleys

James is an amazing dad, it was so great to honor him

The boys and I hid presents all over the house and he had to find them

The boys were excited as he was for his presents

James in his cute new Father's Day outfit, clothes that actually fit

I love my DAD!!!

Date night at the Drive-In, Kung Fu Panda and Get Smart

The Drive-In was so much fun, I of course slept through both movies, but it was a great time

I don't know what happened to me in my life but I am surrounded by boys. It is kind of humorous to me, I don't really like fighting, bugs, dirt, nastiness, etc. But I do think boys can be pretty sweet. One weekend in June I babysat Curtis and Trevor two boys in my ward whose parents bought my services at our Ward Auction (it was the big ticket item $325 for 24hrs. of babysitting!) a few months back. Thank goodness James hung out with us, he is great with kids. Later on in the month James and I met at the beach with his 2 boys and mine. The boys hit it off and we have spent so much time together ever since.

James and Curtis

It is pretty funny watching James play, he is hardcore (here he got one of his lays chopped off during battle so he is hoping on one leg, right after this he took a hit on the good leg so he fell to the ground not using either legs!)

I love this picture of Trevor

My boys and James' boys meet for the first time

All the boys playing Pirates at the beach in Kirkland

family dinners

We love getting together for Sunday dinner (or Saturday or any day of the week really). Dad usually cooks, sometimes Mom busts out and makes dinner and occasionally its a group effort with everyone contributing something to the meal whatever the case it is always delicious. I love my family and I feel so blessed to live close by to most of them. I can't wait for dinner this Sunday!

My view across the table

Leah waiting for prayer

James loves when I take pictures of him!

Family walk down 20th Ave W

Rob is a meanie, Leah did not want to share her bike

My sweetie and me

What clowns!


Look at that face!

When we added Greyson and Aidan we added a children's table

Aidan and Leah playing with the new "boy toys" Transformers

Dad grilling our dessert

Grilled peaches


These two are good buddies, but also can get a little rowdy together

Everyone loves Rob