Sunday, April 22, 2007

port angeles

Last Saturday Dad had a Kayak thing in Port Angeles, WA so Mom and I decided to go with and make a day of it. We rode the ferry and had a lovely drive to PA. Dad worked at his Washington Water Trails booth and Mom and I explored the town. We went into some cute shops. I found a darling quilt shop, we wanted lots of things. Right before we were going to buy MORE fabric I got smart and we decided to wait until we have a few more projects done before we got a new one. I got a birthday present for Jared in an antique store (I am still a little nervous if he is going to like it). We spent the bulk of our time at WAL*MART, even though we have one down the street from my parents. It was a fun trip. I love my parents, I like to spend time with them and I am grateful they like to spend time with me too. On our drive home I told Mom and Dad some of my childhood memories, it was fun to reminisce. Went we got back in town I went out with the Party for Travis' birthday. I love the weekend.

Monday, April 16, 2007

i am a failure

I couldn't stop myself...look at him. I tried hard not to watch the Bachelor this season, but then tonight my will power was not strong enough. Truthfully, I loved every bit of it. I am now hooked. Dang!

easter sunday

I love Leah

Leah in her Easter dress

It was a little chilly, but Leah loved hunting for Easter eggs

So precious

We love sticking food, or anything, to Leah and watching her try to get it (hil-arious)

We had Easter dinner at Steve and Karin Farrar's with all of the family. Dinner was delicious and it was fun being together with the family. Of course one of the highlights of the day was spending time with Leah. I can't seem to get enough of that girl.

baby's first easter

Leah's Easter basket

Leah was fascinated by her first Easter

She didn't so much like the lipstick eggs or taking a picture with all of us

But she loved her first peep!

Delicious-can't get enough

Easter with Leah was so much fun. I helped the Easter Bunny with Leah's basket and she got it on the Saturday before Easter at my parents house. We had the basket covered when she came into the room. Dad was holding her when I uncovered it, she got so excited. I don't know if she knew it was for her, but she for sure knew that she wanted it. She practically jumped on to the floor and crawled over to her Easter basket. It was fun reliving our favorite things about Easter through Leah.

a quilt for bentley

So, I want to be a quilter; the only problem is that it is so hard for me. However, one thing I know how to do are rag quilts. They are easier than "piecing" and still cute. My friends Byron and Monique had a baby boy, they named him Bentley. Since it was Conference weekend and more time than usual just hanging out watching TV I thought making a quilt for Bentley would be a fun project. It took one extra weekend, but it was fun to do and I love the final product. Now I just have to get over to Wenatchee to meet the little guy and give him his blanket.

Monday, April 02, 2007

hanging with the crazies

Yikes, sorry for the scary picture. There were other ugly ones, but I was too shy to put them on the world wide web. These little boys are who I hang out with every day. Connor is 4 years old and quite the character. He has his moments where I would rather he not be by me, but for the most part I love to talk with him and watch him grow. He loves dinosaurs, art projects and listening to stories. Nolan will be 2 in August (sorry you just get to see his eyes). He is a sweet little guy with a 2-year-old attitude already. He knows what he wants and is quite persistent. I often say to him "you will be the death of me." We spend a lot of time together just the two of us and it is fun. Last week he learned how to say Connor's name and it is so funny. It is exciting to see him change and become a little boy, no longer a baby. I love getting to be with these boys, to teach them and also learn from them. I once heard a woman speak about being a mother. She said that her children are constantly teaching her how be more like Christ, more like the person she capable of becoming. Because of them she learns patience, forgiveness, etc. She said it so much better, but I totally agree. Even though I did not birth these children, I am their "mom" 40 hours a week. I am grateful for that.....

look at leah

Most of the family spent Sunday at Mom and Dad's watching General Conference (Dad was in Switzerland and of course Monicorn is at BYU-I). Leah a.k.a. the life of the party was there and that is all we really needed. She has so many tricks now, she is so much fun. I am clearly her favorite, other than her Mom, and who blames her. She had a little cold so was kind of snotty, but even that doesn't stop all our attention from being on her.
As for me, one of my goals right now is trying to bring reading back to my life. I read for fun more at BYU than I do now. I came home from work and read for 20min. that is my minimum. I am also trying very hard not to watch ABC's Bachelor. I want to watch it, but I am resisting for 2 reasons. 1.) I am already watching Survivor and Dancing with the Stars. Three t.v. shows to be addicted to would be a little too much. 2.) I don't know how appropriate that show is...dozens of immodest women fighting each other for one man, doing WHATEVER it takes to win him. Although it is fun and he is very handsome this season my time is better spent doing other things. Maybe I should work on unpacking my bedroom!