Thursday, August 23, 2007

temple with judson white

Judson White called me a week or so ago to invite me to the Seattle Temple with him when he went for his first time. Last Saturday was the big day. I had a wonderful time with all of the Whites and it was great to be with Judson. I love Jud. He is so great. He will be an awesome missionary in Denver, Colorado. We all went to lunch at Chili's before the Whites left for Wenatchee. Lunch took a little long to get served, but that was okay by me because that just gave me more time with the Whites. It was of course so good being with Jared, we realized we were able to see each other once a week for four weeks-he was missing me.

farrar family campout/adios jacob and lisa

A couple weekends ago all of the Farrars (plus Rob) went camping up north by Anacortes. It was a wonderful time, the weather wasn't amazing, but only a couple sprinkles. The campsite was great, Dad of course took charge of most everything. On our way out of town we went to Deception Pass and had lunch at a park nearby. Everything was perfect, the only bad part was saying goodbye to Jacob and Lisa, they left from the camp out for their long drive cross country to their new home in Orlando. I love the Farrars. I am very lucky that my family members are also my best friends. I can't wait for next year!

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

rain rain go away....

it is still summer after all! We are having fairly cool weather for this time of year and I am not a fan. I like this better than 100 degrees, but still how can I work on my wicked tan in these type of conditions?

P.S. Cell phone update-I had to buy a new phone. So sad. I never found my cute pink one and settled for a less expensive substitute that I don't really like. Oh well, at least I am connected to the rest of the world again. However, now I don't have any numbers in my new phone. If you are reading this and you think I should have your number text it to me or give me a holler. (Shearer I got your message a while back, but can't call you back since I don't have your number. I am coming to see you in less than 2 weeks. Call me. Nahigugma Kanimo!)

Friday, August 10, 2007

help! lost phone!

Have you seen my cute tattooed pink razor? I lost it yesterday at work and it is driving me crazy!!! Honestly, this is so horrible. It is stressing me out because of course it is on vibrate so even though I have called it numerous times I can't hear it. I NEED a cell phone, it is not just a want. I NEED it everyday, it is the only way to keep me from going insane... see I can already feel that happening and it has only been lost for less than 24 hours. So, if I don't answer your calls or return your messages know that I still love you I am just busy tearing apart a house on Seattle's Eastside looking for my my dang phone. (P.S. If I swore this post would be full of bad language).

Saturday, August 04, 2007

about town-a.k.a. pigs on parade

this was pig #16 for us (I don't remember its name)
"Pork Bench"
Em and I wandering the streets of Seattle
saw a film crew, did not see McDreamy
Leah got serenaded at Pike Place
"This Little Piggy Went to Market"
Did I mention that I love Leah?
Leah loves the big city

Yesterday morning was a little drizzly and we decided to brave the elements together, good thing we did because Seattle turned out to be beautiful soon after we got down there The Shaws, Natalie, Leah, Grandma Jackie, Mom and I headed downtown to look for Pigs on Parade (see www. We had so much fun searching for pigs and taking pictures. At Pike Place Market we bought some snacks and listened to street musicians. We also roamed around the West Lake Center. The kids were all good; it was a kind of long outing and they all were great sports. Everyone really enjoyed it and it was sad when it was time to leave, but our exhaustion got the better of us. It was a really fun excursion; it was kind of out of the usual for us. I am so glad that we did it; we are so lucky to live close to Seattle and I am proud of us for taking advantage of the big city. Mad props to us for wandering around downtown Seattle with 5 kids! Way to go us!

weekend away

Leah and I had fun in the back seat
GG with 3 of her great grandchildren
Leah and her parents
My mom, Aunt Susan and Grandma Jackie
My parents and me
Leah loved the Lake
Elizabeth and Leah-second cousins
look at that swimsuit bum!
we played for a long time in the raft, we all loved being at the Lake

Last weekend most of the Farrars went to Spokane to visit family. My cousin Amy and her family were up from Arizona and we haven’t seen all of them for a few years. Mark, Natalie, Baby Leah and I drove over to Eastern Washington Friday evening and after battling some annoying traffic that made our trip longer than planned we joined my parents who arrived the day before us. My car load was lucky enough to stay in a Hotel for the weekend, thanks Dad! Saturday we went to Liberty Lake just 10 miles from the Clifford’s house. We spent most of the day relaxing in the sun, playing in the lake and visiting with family. Sunday we all went to Sacrament Meeting at my Grandma Jackie’s ward. I was able to give an impromptu testimony/short talk at the request of the Bishop (on the 5th Sun. the Bishop picks people to share their favorite hymn and why they like it and then the congregation sings it-apparently no one is safe!). That was fun, I actually kind of like things like that. Aunt Susan grilled delicious quesadillas on the bar-b-q and we hung out with family before a speedy drive back to our side of the mountain. Mark drove ½ of the way back and it was wonderful to sit in the back and do nothing. It was a quick trip, but very worth it.

Thursday, August 02, 2007

new book i'm reading

The other day I was cleaning out my saved documents on my laptop, I found my Christmas wish list from last year. One of the items requested, but not received was this book, I had kind of forgotten about this book. Last night I finally went out and just bought it for myself. It is going to be so good. I heard Bro. Wright speak a few times at BYU's Education Week and honestly he changed my life. I think that this book could be a must read for all parents. So I am going to preview it for you and let know know what I think. Most of Bro. Wrights ideas are not new, but he gives reasons for why we must avoid the mistakes some LDS parents make as well as a lot of counsel from the prophets. I am excited to start reading it and start sharing it with others. P.S. I am fully aware I am not a parent, yet. That is why it is my life mission to help parents everywhere.

Wednesday, August 01, 2007


If there is one person I love (which is false because there are many) it is Jared Calvin White. What a great guy. Last Wednesday I got to spend an hour or more with Jared while taking him to the airport for his vacation to Houston to see family. Tonight Monica and I picked up J-Bizz at SeaTac after his trip and before his drive back to Wenatchee. We grabbed a quick dinner and he was on the road. Jared for some reason is not a huge fan of “the big city” so he was pretty anxious to leave. Jared is so great. He is so funny. I wish that everyone would get to know Jared like I do; it would be great if everyone could have a friend like him. For example, earlier today he called me from the Houston airport because he saw on the news that clip of the Inmates in a Filipino prison dancing to Thriller (look for it on you tube-classic!) and he wanted make sure I knew about it. A few minutes later he called me back to tell me that the cough I have had for years might be asthma and he made me commit to get it checked out, random…then I asked him if he saw that on the news too, he had. That’s Jared for you. However, just in case you think that I must think that Jared is perfect or something know that he also can drive me crazy and sometimes it feels like he may just be the death of me. I guess that is when you know you have a good friendship, like that quote about a friend being someone who knows all about you and loves you any way. That is us. I am a lucky girl.