Tuesday, November 18, 2008

and the winner is

Number dos!

Saturday, November 08, 2008

a decision has been made

I went to the Eye Doctor the other day and I picked out my new pair of glasses. I will post a picture when I get them (in 7 to 10 business days) to let you all know what pair won! Love you all.

Monday, November 03, 2008

we need your help

Yesterday there was an accident...James thought a tickle fight would be a fun activity. He didn't realize that I am hardcore, I play by no rules. I hate tickle fights. It got heated, the 5 seconds that it lasted until this happened:

The glasses lost (this made my sweet boyfriend really sad, he didn't realize he has super human strength that can snap a pair of glasses in two like a crisp carrot and he almost cried)
So, needless to say we went looking for glasses for FHE tonight. In honor of Election Day please cast your vote (every vote counts!) for one of the following:

Those two pictures are of the black, skinnier frames...More classic, appealing to the masses, and perhaps a little more polished. Let's call them the Oh-Momma! Glasses.

Now these two pictures depict the glasses with perhaps a little more panache...as if I got them at say...Saks Fifth Avenue for say...$150,000. At first, we didn't know if we liked them as well, but they just kept creeping up on us and they may just be our favorites...although we shall let the pundits decide. After all, polls are for chumps. Ironically, these are labeled Divine Chocolate. Take that, Michelle O.
Ready Set Vote!
(Obviously James helped with some of the above text. Thanks honey!)

Saturday, November 01, 2008

halloween 2008

Warning: There are a lot of pictures in this post, but you'll just love 'em.

Halloween started last week with Nicki's big Halloween Bash. James stayed home with the boys and I went with my family. It was a great party.

The best costume ever...can you guess what they are?

The wild party goers!

At the party...

The party (minus James)

Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting

Andy Shaw

I like my hair down better
Pigging out at the party, there was so much good food
We made caramel apples with the Nylands last Saturday. I don't think I've really ever done that before. It was a little messy. I don't know how people make them look so good, ours were kind of sloppy. But they tasted dang good. Did I mention I love fall?

This is what we started with
Thanks guys for your help, so glad you came over
The madness

Too much fun!

After we used caramels it was a free for all with all of the leftover fixins'

This is what we ended up with

The boys and I made Mummy-dogs after Church on Sunday. The boys enjoyed making them and surprised James with a spooky lunch. Its the little things, that make such great memories.

Caramel Apple face- yum!

For Sunday dinner we all pitched in and had a Halloween feast. Check out more pictures here.

I forgot to be afraid...(this picture reminds me Bella and Edward)
Halloween soda, I forgot these for our dinner. Dang. We drank them a few days later.

We finally carved our pumpkins on Halloween Eve at my parents house. James spent a lot of time on his pumpkin and it's awesome. He's so creative. Good job honey.

We roasted these pumpkin seeds and they are so good

Total concentration (James' pumpkin phase one)

Phase two
Phase three- the masterpiece

For the Farmers!

I love this guy...and James is pretty great too
I even wore my pumpkin PJ's
Actual Halloween...last night. Up until an hour before our Ward Party we didn't know what we were going to "be." James sewed himself a pirate blouse(?) out of a t-shirt sheet. Sorry honey, I can't remember what its called. The looked hot. I was a witch. Obviously. I even wore fish net stalkings...don't even worry that we wore our costumes to the movies with Monica after the party. (We saw Secret Life of Bees, so good!)

Cute idea: Church tables over in plastic table clothes, it looked like a pumpkin patch

first of november

We had a busy day today, regardless of being so tired from our Halloween celebrations . Our morning started early when James' deacons came over to learn how to iron their Sunday clothes and eat a delicious breakfast. We had to eat and run in order to see Abi get baptized. Yeah Abi! Lunch with the Shaws then work on the house....wow! It was a great day, we got a lot accomplished and had fun too. I love Saturdays!

Abi Shaw after her baptism

Changing the locks

We put Halloween away and cleaned up the house. See the fireplace tools and black chest? We bought those last week at Value Village, James painted them and they look as good as new. They look great in the living room.

The chest will hold firewood but it didn't stay closed. James took the hook of a hanger and bent it to make a clasp for the front. How awesome is he?

We even vacuumed! Now, that doesn't happen every day

James attacked me with silly string, he was quiet proud of himself

So tired. Good job babe. The house looks great.