Monday, August 28, 2006

i'm gonna do it

I am moving back to Washington. After much thought, prayer, fasting and tears I have decided to leave my beloved Provo. I will probably roll out of town the first week in October. It breaks my heart to leave my life here, especially my friends. It feels like the right thing to do at this time in my life. I am putting my trust in the Lord and going to walk in the dark. I have a place to live in Kirkland, now all I need is a job. I'm crossing my fingers that everything will work out. Whatever my new life brings, my adventures as a grown-up are about to get interesting.

Sunday, August 20, 2006


Meet Mike and Cy. They go to Dental School in Boston. Don't worry, I will be there next month to visit them!!! I am so excited. Lindsay and I got tickets a couple of days ago (thanks dad!) and along with Jeremiah and a few other friends it is going to be a party in Boston -maybe we'll have a tea party. Get it? The Boston Tea Party. Ha ha.

the farmers are coming! the farmers are coming!

Actually, the Farmers already came! ALL of the Farmers came on a Sunday night a couple weeks ago. I (with some helpers) made dinner for the 12 of them, 4 friends/cousins , Rick's mission companion and his family (see the first picture), Linsday, Jeremiah, Micah, Brent and B Money. It was a crazy fun party up at the boys' house. It was like the circus came to town, we had tons of people, a trampoline, B Money making bubbles, a mini 4-wheeler, RC airplanes and Skip from Alabama. It was so much fun. The Farmers (Rick, Laurie and the 5 youngest) stayed at Lindsay's for the week while the five oldest went to EFY. We had so much fun with the Farmers, I had to work in the day while they played, but after work we shopped, ate food (picture at Smart Cookie), played, watched movies, did crafts and just hung out. I love the Farmers. One of the little ones asked me, when they were here, "Are you my cousin?" No, I am better than that I said. I am so lucky to be a part of the Farmers family, I have watched them grow up/helped raise all ten of the kids and couldn't not love them more than I do. I miss them- Come back!

sunshine and summertime

We had a BBQ for Mike and Cyrus before they headed off to Boston for Dental School and to celebrate B Money's Birthday! I love my friends, we have known each other for many years. Though our numbers are rapidly decreasing and we don't get together as often as we should I still love them all very much and feel very blessed to have them in my life. (Steph check out Marci's darling hair)

it's my life

Had a super fun weekend a couple weeks ago. Went to the Tim and Faith concert with Michelle and Callie. It was great! The next morning ran a "fish pond" booth at a Carnival for orphans from Haiti that had been adopted into American families. They were beautiful, I wanted to take home a couple. That night went to the Heber Rodeo with some friends. The Rodeo was pretty much boring, but we rode Micha's bus there and it was fun to be with friends.

leah in fruitland

Leah, her parents and grandparents drove to Farmers to meet the gang. I drove up from Provo to see her. What a cutie, she is getting so big! Stop growing- I am missing it all.

Monday, August 07, 2006

my friends

I been busy and/or lazy lately so haven’t taken the time to blog. These pictures are definitely blog worthy. Last Friday I went and saw my friends Tim and Faith. It was an amazing concert and so much fun. They are beautiful and so wonderful. More pictures and stories will be coming soon. I can't believe how fast Summer has is almost over. I still have to plan my life- augh! I am not looking forward to making some big decisions soon.