Tuesday, January 29, 2008

friday night with the ladies

A couple of weeks ago I met my sister Natalie, our mom and a few ladies from their ward at a local bookstore to hear one of my favorite authors speak. I started reading Shannon Hale in my college Children's Lit. Class. Her books are mostly fairy tales, with some magic and romance. They are great for girls, but everyone loves them (my brother-in-law read the Goose Girl series). Traveling with Shannon was Libba Bray, I hadn't heard of her, but I bought her books and I am already a fan. I am having issues with blogger so I couldn't link their names to their websites, but google them to find a list of the books they wrote. Have fun reading!
Shannon Hale, beautiful and talented. Read her books, magical I tell you.

I can't wait to read me some Libba Bray.

The Ladies singing for the audience. They were pretty funny together. Read their books and go listen to them speak if you ever get the chance. It's like a two-women comedy show!

Shannon rolled out a collection of her rejection letters before teaching us the "neaner neaner dance" About her rejection she said "rejection pushes you to where you need to be." True in life not just in trying to get something published.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

phase one

My secret (I have mentioned this before but it is still hard for me to admit) is that I am messy. Mostly only in my bedroom so no one really sees it but it is constantly there, always nagging at me. It is so embarrassing to me, it is probably the thing I least like about myself. I am working on it, daily I work on it. Maybe one day I will have it ALL together. Today I spent most of the day working on my room and mostly the scrapbook room part. It is not at all finished, but I got a great start on it. I call it phase one, I still have a lot to do. I have dreams about my cute bedroom and darling scrapbook room, I am on my way. My clean room is going to help me sleep better at night, I can just feel it. P.S. If anyone is looking for a great scrapbook store I have one in my bedroom...come on over! Also, if any one has mad organization skills feel free to stop by, I can pay you in scrapbook supplies. One more thing, please don't tell any potential suitors about my little secret, he will need some time to fall in love me first before he is privy to know.



Friday, January 25, 2008

a glimpse of summer

Do you see that? The shadow of the camera in front of my face, it is from the SUN!!! We had almost a whole week of sun here in Seattle, it has been so beautiful. I even brought out my sun glasses for the first time in months. I love it. Don't get me wrong, it has been freezing cold, but the cool temperatures are easier to endure when the sun is shining. One day last week the boys and I headed over to Natalie's work to play with the kids. It turned out to be a gorgeous day, we put our jackets on and went for a walk. It made me so happy, it turns out that my mood is, to some degree, influenced by the weather. This glimpse of summer made me so excited for the real thing. I am counting the days...

Thursday, January 24, 2008

martin luther king jr. day

We had no school on Monday in honor of Civil Rights Day (or whatever it is politically correct to call it). It was a nice day but too cold to play outside. I like my boys and all but I don't like having them ALL day long just staring at me waiting for me to entertain them. I collaborated with my girlfriends, who feel the same way I do, and we organized a play gym to PLAY. We had a great morning just hanging, the kids play really well together, don't worry we have to play referee a lot of the time, but being together is better than being alone with THEM. We will definitely be doing this again, hope you will be with us next time Wrights.

the leah-nater

look what Leah's been up to this year...
hiding in the hamper

vaccuming the house

listening to tunes with Grandma

looking glam in pink lipstick

cuddling with Grandpa

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

i love it

Heidi Mae,
You are simply the best! I love my eye patch (it might be on upside down). I was so surprised and touched. Honestly, it is one of my favorite gifts EVER! This is now how I look when I sleep thanks to you, an eye patch and a smile. Also, the little snowman ornament was not broken and so cute. Love ya!

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

goodbye 2007, hello 2008

Grandma Jackie stayed with us for a week or so after Christmas. Leah really loves her GG. It was fun having her with us.
Leah had a taste of the gingerbread house before it went in the trash. It was funny, she liked taking all of the candy off more than eating the candy.

Our friends the Carters came over to make birthday cards, it was so fun. They made really cute cards, I can't wait until we do this again.

I made a cute little present for a darling family I babysit. It was easy and not expensive, everyone should make one. There is a candle inside the jar.

Monica's new haircut is super stylish and way chic, too bad my hair is neither!

I celebrated the New Year a little after 10pm with the Shaws before running home. I should have stayed at the Shaws. My family was watching Harry Potter when I returned, we didn't even stop it to watch the ball drop....pretty anti-climatic. But it is the New Year just the same and I am way excited for 2008.

Dad and me, I think it was still 2007 when we took this picture.

We spent New Years Day with Leah, we had a dance party. Leah thinks we are a little crazy.

Kisses from Leah (P.S. I really like my hair in this picture, its like a commercial, too bad I got a haircut a couple of days later. It is not as pretty now).

We took a picture before Monicorn left us for BYU-I. Have fun Monica, we miss you.

Phew, posting that was a chore. I am glad that I am caught up now, well mostly. The holidays we fabulous. I got over one week off and it was so wonderful to have a vacation. It was great to spend a lot of time with my family and just chill. It was really hard to go back to work, but it is good to be back to my real life. 2008 is starting off well, I am still working on my goals for this New Year and I will be posting them soon so you will hold me accountable to them. I love you all and I hope this year brings all you deserve.