Sunday, May 17, 2009


We started the week before Easter with Family Home Evening lesson on Jesus Christ. I hung a ribbon by the fireplace and for family scripture study all week we read about an event from the last week of Christ's life each night. We hung the coordinating picture up on the ribbon as a reminder all week long. It was really great, we also tried to focus more on the Savior (Mr. Easter Bunny doesn't get to stop by the Quigley house, but Santa comes for Christmas!). We had a family Easter egg hunt on Saturday, but Sunday was church, talking about Christ and a family dinner. Oh, and we had the boys for Spring Break this year, which meant they were home for our first Easter as a family.

date night

James found this place on yelp

we got a sample was okay

you eat with your hands using a pita bread like food (except for really spongy and a little sour) to scoop up the goods

the show is about to start

Date nights are very serious business at our house. We try to go on a date every week, our dates are mostly simple, dinner and a movie type. And sometimes we try new things, like Ethiopian food. That was interesting! Then we came home for a short nap before heading to the theater for the 12:01am showing of X-man. That was a great date. Last week we went to the Temple and then out for dinner. Anything goes. We take turns planning, we have a monthly date budget, we have specific date night rules (like no laundry or cell phones, if we eat dinner at home it has to be by candlelight, etc.) and we try to dress up. I love date nights with my sweetie and I am SO grateful that they are important to James. What are some of your favorite date night ideas?