Tuesday, June 23, 2009

the quigley's first house guests

My former roommates, Erica Brown and Kristy Dimmick came to town a couple of weeks ago. They joined the Farrar Family for our Curry Fest and got a taste of Sunday night at the Farrar's (it can get pretty crazy). I took the girls to close by Edmonds to see one of favorite views in town. They really liked the Pacific Northwest and thought it was really pretty. After Edmonds we picked up James at our house and took the girls by the Seattle Temple. The gates were closed but we still wondered around and got some great photos.

Sunday night we stayed up super late talking. I love having house guests! I worked Monday but the girls explored the city. The weather was perfect and they had a wonderful time. They are professional travels and did great on their own. We all met up for dinner, with the Nylands, in downtown Kirkland. We got take out from that Greek place we like and brought it down to the Marina. We walked around a bit, a frozen yogurt and talked some more. We didn't stay up as late on Monday. And then the girls left Tuesday. It was a super short trip, but so fun! (Kristen we missed you). We love having visitors, all are welcome!

Sunday, June 07, 2009

pizza party

I made this, from scratch...and it was dang good

the poster says how I feel, I love doing things for my family and they love when I do:

James suggested we make pizza dough in the bread machine, I thought it would be too much work and rolling the dough would be too messy. I was wrong. James was right! It was wonderful and so delicious. My parents stopped by after the Temple and my dad ate dinner with us. I grew up with my mom making her own pizza dough, it was fun to do the same for my family. I think we are going to make homemade pizza a new Quigley tradition.

Thursday, June 04, 2009

date night challenge

A sister (family marriage therapist, 39 weeks pregnant with her 2nd son, super cute) in my Ward issued a challenge to all of us in her marriage class at Enrichment Meeting earlier this week. The class was called "An Enduring Happy Marriage" and it was really good. At the end of it she challenged us to 4 weeks of date night with no media. I think that means no TV, movies, DVDs, etc. She said we can rent a movie and watch it during the week but just not on date night. Sounds fun, huh? A little bit of a challenge, I like going to the movies or watching a movie in bed, but the Quigleys are up for the challenge...anyone else want to join us?
So last night on our date we stayed local and ate at a delicious Greek restaurant in downtown Kirkland. It was so warm and lovely, we took our food outside and ate at a little table on the sidewalk. It felt like we were on vacation. We walked to the waterfront and people watched. People watching, btw, is often better than the movies. Boy, did we see some characters last night. We talked a lot, sat silent and just watched, so peaceful and wonderful. I love date night with my sweet husband.