Friday, April 10, 2009

i'm back and i'm married!

For those of you without facebook or who don't read Jacob and Lindsay's blogs #1 Shame on you #2 You are missing out on darling pictures of my amazing wedding...We get our pictures from the photographers tomorrow, so I will be sharing them soon. You all know how often I post these days. Oops. Sorry.

Let me just tell you that everything was perfect. It was just as we had dreamed. Perfect. Really. Lots of friends and family came into town. We celebrated all weekend long. I loved my dress and I thought I looked pretty. James was handsome and so happy (still is!). Natalie, my family and so many helpers made the reception amazing. The food was great, cupcakes darling and delicious...serious every detail turned out better than I could have hoped. I am so sad its over, I can't believe it. I miss it, I miss the party. I miss the honeymoon.

Speaking of honeymoon we do have those pictures. Want some?

We went to Mexico and loved every second of it. I love James and love being married, this was our best idea ever!