Thursday, October 30, 2008

our big race

Last Saturday the day of our big race finally arrived. We had the boys and James thought it would be great fun to bring them with us, at first I thought he was crazy. In the end however, James was right! This was one of my favorite memories with the Quigley's! Last minute we borrowed Emily's jogger (thanks Em, you saved the day!) and were off to the race (we read scriptures on "running" on our way). It was a gorgeous fall day and even though we arrived after the race started it was no big deal. We accomplished our goal of finishing in under an hour and we even ran a lot. The little guys did awesome. I am so proud of us. We can do hard things. What a team! We are already looking forward to next year. Who's joining us?

Sunday, October 26, 2008

he's darling

Look what James did all by himself for Farrar Family Fright Night Sunday Dinner. He is pretty great.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

pumpkins 2008

Friday, October 17, 2008


I love when my birthday is really a birthweek. That makes it so much more fun! James got us tickets to see Air Supply in Concert the Friday before my birthday. Probably one of my earliest music memories is babysitting in Orem dancing to Air Supply with the kids I was watching. I have loved them ever since. There are A LOT of Air Supply fans still out there and we got to see a few of them. Air and Supply are pretty old now, but still think they are hot stuff. One of them, the short one, showed his chest during one of the songs and the old ladies went wild. It was a fun show, my date was so handsome and he even bought me dinner! Thanks James for the adventure (and an adventure it was, the concert was in a Casino, need I say more?).

We parked in the HUGE parking lot at the Casino and hopped a trolley that brought us right to the door

I hope this works, it was totally illegal to take video in the concert, but you know me I'm a wild girl

Crabfest 2008 (isn't he so cute?!)

We left the concert before it was over, but did really enjoy the show and the night out together

On my actual birthday I had a 6:30am date with my trainer Maritza and when I opened my car door at 6am this is what I found...from my sweetie.

My birthday breakfast, gorgeous roses in a stunning vase and a People Magazine so I can get caught up on all the looks I'll love!

I spent most of my special day with this little guy, for fun I let him have soy ice cream with sprinkles (nanny of the year!)

James and I decided to stay in and feast in front of the fire (we are still feasting on that same food)

I love this picture (don't mind the little spot of BBQ sauce on my face)

After dinner we cuddled up to watch the new Indiana Jones

I got home late from James' and this cute poster was on my bedroom door from the family I live with

Last night my family gathered for my birthday dinner at the Spaghetti Factory. James couldn't make it (he was home nearly dying with what turned out to be strep throat) so I went solo to this one. We all missed James and the Florida Farrars, but had a great time. Leah was the star of the show, she is too adorable. I love that little girl. I had a such fabulous birthday I think I'll do it again next year.

Leah and her monkey, George was sporting his new glasses (I think he is borrowing them from Mr. Potato Head)

Happy 2 month Anniversary!

Flowers from my parents

My wish has already come true (I am glad you are feeling better, Honey)

P.S. Thank you everyone for your birthday wishes and nice comments. I have the best friends in the world, I am who I am today because of the people I have known throughout my life. I love you all.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008


1. Nolan and I ate Mickey Mouse shaped chicken nuggets for lunch today. I will never be too old for chicken nuggets.
2. I love fall baking, even better than Christmas baking. There is something comforting in the warmth and the smells. If only I could eat less of the deliciousness.
3. I have seen more football games in the past 2 months (less than 2 months) than I have seen all of the previous months of my whole life, combined.
4. I don't drive stick and don't want to learn.
5. I want to simplify my life use less and have less. I just don't know how.
6. I had my first massage 2 weeks ago and it was HEAVENLY. I had a massage, a facial and an amazing shower. I still dream about those 2 hours.
7. I usually can't stay awake through an entire movie these days. I try, but sometimes I'm just so sleepy.
8. I like speaking in Church. I've been in my new Ward about 2 months, I'm getting a bit anxious to be asked to speak.
9. I usually pray in Cebuano (my mission language) until I run out of words I know then I switch to English.
10. I have a trainer at the gym. She is awesome. I worked my abs this morning. I am kind of sore.
11. My favorite vegetables are still canned green beans and frozen corn. But recently I have really started liking asparagus.
12. Sometimes I am in bed at 10:30. It is crazy I know. I don't really like it. I require more sleep these days.
13. I try to dress up on date nights with my honey, the works. It makes me feel good and I think James likes it.
14. My new favorite treat is Red Mango. Yum. Plain frozen yogurt and I have mine with mangoes.
15. My right ankle gets swollen almost every day. Its fat and ugly, I don't know why.
16. I don't have medical insurance. I need it though (see above).
17. I couldn't live with our my cell phone or my watch. Its a good thing my cell has the time on it for those days when I forget my watch. Now, I just need to get a watch with a back up phone on it.
18. I still want to see New England in the Fall. Boston in September was nice but still doesn't really count.
19. I used to take a nap everyday at work and now I almost never do. I miss those naps.
20. I have a really great boyfriend. He is fabulous.
21. I have a list of subjects I still need to blog about. I am a little behind.
22. I spend close to $400 a month on gas.
23. I love making a house a home.
24. I don't like soy products.
25. I have a recipe for "curried lentils" that I am going to make for the family I nanny for. I will not be eating those. Yuck.
26. I am renting a bedroom in the house of a family in my Ward. It is a great set up and actually a fairly spacious room. I am happy with my new living arrangements but I miss seeing my family as much as I used to.
27. I love text messaging. It makes me happy.
28. Last night while watching Monday Night Football one of the announcer guys said the phrase "old school helmets." I like when old people use new phrases.
29. Being in a relationship has taught me a lot about myself. I am not as great as I thought. Dang pride.
30. I wear high heals now. I like them. I can't seem to find ones I like and are comfy too. Any suggestions?
31. I just got called as the Enrichment Leader in my Ward. I am excited, but surprisingly I miss Young Women's.
32. I have to use the bathroom all of the time. I think I have a small bladder or something, mostly its all in my head, but still it's quite serious to me.
33. I have such a wonderful family, great friends and many, many blessings. I am one happy girl.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

just happened

We have the boys this weekend, our plan is to do a fun fall festive activity every weekend they are here. Tonight we decorated cupcakes and it was so much fun (and easy too!). We had Monica and the Tachers over for dinner and then made our masterpieces. Yum.

This is the second batch, we all ate one first and then finished the rest

Everyone waiting for the fun to begin

Leah liked all of the candy to put on her cupcake

Such concentration

P.S. We had such a gorgeous fall day here in Washington, the sun was shining and so perfect. I loved it!

Thursday, October 09, 2008

our quick trip to utah

We had a great flight, don't even worry that we got to the airport one half hour before our flight. CRAZY! We had some problems getting a car, but before long we were in Provo meeting the whole gang at Mimi's Cafe.

We met Jeremiah's girlfriend and her two kids. James met the rest of the group (our group has gotten a lot smaller over the years). Mimi's was so delicious, I wish there was one in Washington.

Jeremiah's new hobby

James even tried ropin'

James loved his JDawg!

Kaitlin in her apartment

Her new white coat

After the Sunday Morning session of General Conference

Conference was great!

It was pouring when we went into the Conference Center and sunny when we came out (therefore no sun glasses=squinty eyes)

Right before Elder Nash's closing prayer (on our way to the airport) we got pulled over for speeding
Why is James smiling?

Because we just got a warning!!!

On the airplane, just about to land in Seattle. See you next time Utah.

We had so much fun on our quick little trip to Utah. We spent most of the weekend in Provo, the land that I love. We played with friends, got little to no sleep and ate way more than I should have. Sounds perfect, huh? James was a great sport running around town to meet a lot of my friends. It was so much fun to show him off and to reunited with old friends. It was great to see all of you and we'll catch the rest of you next time. General Conference was great, I am excited to read the Ensign next month (personal favorites: Pres. Eyring and Sister Dalton). Like every time after I leave Utah, I can't wait to go back!