Thursday, May 25, 2006

life of lick

I am reading Life of Pi, I just started. While reading today I found my new favorite quote:
"It is true those we meet can change us,
sometimes so profoundly that we are
not the same afterwards..."
This is so true in my life. I have such wonderful friends that have helped make me who I am today. Even people I meet briefly like on a plane, in a ward, in a class, etc. play a role in my life. One of these friends in Jared. He lives back in WA now and I miss him. It isn't always rosey for our friendship (sometimes I want to kick him), but I do consider him one of my closest freinds. We haven't talked for a couple weeks, but tonight I talked to him for about 30 seconds. It was perfect, we know each other so well. We will talk longer later tonight, but if not I am just thankful to have someone in my life (actually many someones) that just by hearing them say my name and laughing with me for a few seconds can make my day brighter. I am so blessed.

just the two of us-we needed an odd man out

With Glade in Little Italy
At the Yankees Game
With Dad at the Empire State Building
After our makeovers at Sephora
In Time's Square our first day...a movie is being filmed behind us
When you take a trip with only one other person you tend to have a lot of pictures with just the two of you, that one of you took. We got to mix things up a little with having visits from Dad and Glade, but still sometimes maybe enough is enough. We should have brought an odd man out with us (an odd man out is someone that will take pictures with you and doesn't really need to be in any). Sometimes, however we did ask strangers for help, it worked especially well when they too were traveling without an odd man out then we could trade the favor (it only got awkward when they couldn't speak English). Truth be told though, these are some of favorite kinds of pictures.

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

i got a job

I got a job today. I guess it is my first job as a grown-up, but not exactly the grown-up job I wanted. But I have a feeling that this job will lead to bigger and better things in my future. I will be working for a company called APEX Alarm in their service department. I'll be doing admin. stuff so not really my dream job, but I will be getting some experience and learning some new skills along with my paycheck. I will still be able to work my scrapbook jobs and it can be flexible enough to nanny sometimes too. I will be busy, but it will be great. Sorry, my Seattle friends and family I will not be coming home to stay quite yet, maybe one day. I love you and will be there soon to visit. I'll keep you all posted. Good night.

Thursday, May 18, 2006

what we did instead of "walking"

We woke up early on Thursday the day of graduation and walked to Rockefeller Center and watched the outside taping of the Today Show. Steph made the cute sign, we wore our BYU shirts and we thought for sure Al would come talk to us. But thanks to all the blasted middle school band kids all over the place we were overlooked. However, we did make it in TV for a couple of seconds (the picture of the backs of Katie, Matt and Al was taken while we were on air). We were on the bottom lefthand corner of the screen. We even have witnesses to prove it-our friend Katie and our Dad saw our television debut.

pictures from new york

Steph and I on the top of a double decker bus- we took a night tour around the city. This is in time square! Time Square is fun and the energy at night is amazing. It was so cold on the tour, but we didn't want to go downstairs and miss it all.

Me on the ferry we took to the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island. Manhattan is in the background. It was kind of a long outing, but everyone should go once. It was neat to see the history of these two places.

Our Dad actually picked us up from the airport, he was in town for work. We hung out with with him a little, one of the things we did was the Empire State Building. Downtown is in the background and the Statue of Liberty is behind my head.

Leah Rose

Here she is...our baby Leah. This is a picture of her less than 24 hours new. Isn't she lovely? I already like her a lot. Can't wait to hold her.

this is a test

This a picture of my friends and I on top of the bus we drove to California in Feburary. I am really just trying to learn how to post a picture. We'll see if this works.

first entry

I like the look of a blogspot blog and so I’ve switched…I could never really get the hang of my old blog. I am excited about this and I plan to do a much better job at maintaining this blog and chronicling my life as a grown-up. Now that I am a college graduate it is time for me to grow up. Step 1 is finding a grown up job. It is hard and I don’t know how well I am doing at it, but hopefully I’ll find something soon. I am also a new aunt (for the first time) and this blog will also serve as a place to brag about Leah Rose. As soon as I find out how to post pictures I will be putting many on….it will kind of be my on line scrapbook. I like that. Here we go. Sit back and enjoy my life.