Sunday, January 14, 2007

farmer fun week

Kade is great, he is a bundle of energy and very much a little boy (he does not like girl colors). At Church we were looking through the New Era for pictures of Baby Jesus. He saw Christ upon the cross and was shocked...."What happened?" he asked. I said, "Mean men killed Jesus and put Him up there." Kade replied, "I am going to poke those mean guys in their eye with my light saber. " Imagine him saying it in a little boy, mean voice while making a fist and putting it in his own eye. Classic.

At breakfast the first day back to school after a long winter's break. This picture was taken around 7:30am before scriptures and prayer. We were on the ball.

The trips and I spent a lot of time in the scrapbook nook in the basement. They are all taking a scrapbook class at the middle school and had to finish their final project. We also did other crafts here.

Rick, Laurie, Kaitlin and Joslin went to Hawaii for Christmas. I was able to get a few days off to take the last week on watch at the Farmers. We had a great time. There was no snow, the kids were fun, a little too much laundry but over all I had a great time and can't wait to do it again. This trip especially I was reminded how much I love this family and how fast the kids are growing up. I hate that part of it, but I am so happy that they are growing up to be such amazing young men and women. I am so blessed to have them in my life.

from oldest to youngest

I just love them!!!

happy new year's

I partied it up with the 4 youngest Farmers New Year's Eve. We had snacks, played games and even stayed up until the New Year. We had a great time. Kade only lasted until 11:20pm and Claire fell asleep not long after that. Later Claire was recharged from a little cat nap and joined us for the ball dropping. The kids (nor I) were not very impressed with the NYC Celebration. They asked, "is that all?" and "now what happens?" I made them take a few pictures and we went off to bed. I, however, did not sleep since Hannah and the triplets didn't get home until 5am!!! I am excited for 2007 more posts to come about some of my goals for this new year.

craft crazy (michelle this post's for you)

I made scripture reading kits for Emily and Nicki this year for Christmas.

Laurie loved the talk by Elder Ballard in General Conference "O' Be Wise" and I knew that she would love the words up in her home. The home swag we bought at a scrapbook expo. in November and I just finished at Farmers.

Laurie hung the swag over an antique window at the top of the stairs leading down to the basement, right in the kitchen.

I had been wanting to do an altered canvas and found this cute little one at Joann's. The girls and I had fun decorating them. I made mine for the Farmers and most of the girls made one too.
I even made a few things for myself. I love crafting and don't get to do it very often, I am glad I was able to and that the Farmer girls love to as well. Thanks girls for a fun week!

my wild friday night

I had a great night Friday. Went to the mall with my parents and Baby Leah...I know I am wild and crazy girl. What can I say? I guess the little onesie I found at Gap Kids says it all "Single and Loving it!" (P.S. Baby loved cruisin' the mall with the big kids)

what the...?

Washington is having issues! I really don't know what is going on but enough is enough. I like it when things are as they should be. I like when I can make plans and they happen. With all of the rain, power outages, snow falling things just kind of go crazy in this town. Frankly, I've had it. I love Seattle and usually don't mind the Winters here. We even have days when the sun is shining, but all of this extra stuff is non-sense. I want my old Seattle back!