Monday, April 28, 2008

happy birthday em!

Today is Emily's Birthday. Emily is one of the best friend's a girl can have. She is a great in every way. Thanks Em for all you do for all of us. I hope your day has been as fabulous as you deserve. Love ya!

last week

We went out to dinner to celebrate Rob's new job and Stephanie and Rob's engagement. Yippee! Dinner was delicious (thanks Z'Tejas Southwestern Grill) and it was fun to be with the family.

Congrats you two

So glad you found each other

James has a new friend, Leah Rose

Good times, good times

Monday, April 14, 2008

blessed is this life, i want to celebrate being alive

Saturday was a beautiful sunny day! Honestly, it is hard to find the right words to fully explain how perfect the weather was...the sun was HOT on my face. I wore shorts, short sleeves and flip flops, heaven! The whole town was going crazy, you could feel the happiness in the air. I want more sunny days. Who do I talk to about that?

Not only was the weather perfect, but so was the company. I planned to show James the town on a beautiful day, he misses his Dallas heat and I am so glad that Seattle delivered (I know it wasn't the same, but after the Winter we've had it's pretty dang close). We ate Dick's hamburgers in Gas Works Park overlooking Lake Union and we canoed on Lake Washington (after enjoying the sun while waiting for a canoe for a couple of hours). We ended the evening with a huge piece of red meat grilled on the BBQ and a rousing game of Cranium with Mom and Monica. Perfection.

Gas Works

Waiting for a canoe

James' big buoy friend that he wanted to bring home

Have a mentioned that I LOVE the sun?

I really like this new friend of mine

ah-ha moment

As we speak Connor, age 5, is folding is own laundry in the living room. He loves it, I personally think he is a little strange for loving to fold clothes, but since it makes my job easier I don't knock it. I got him off the bus a few minutes ago and he said to me, "I'm ready to fold." He knew that today is laundry day and there would be a pile waiting for him. I aim to please.

The ah-ha moment happened a couple of weeks ago (during C's Spring Break), that is when I took the pictures above. He was watching me fold clothes and anxious to get in on the action. I was kind of sick of him always being around me and never having a moment alone (it was Spring Break remember) so I tried to kick him out of the room. He has been putting his folded clothes away for months now and recently showed interest in folding, but I wouldn't allow him to touch "my stuff". This particular Spring afternoon, when it was just the two of us, I took a moment, I slowed down and thought about Connor as a person, not just doing the laundry as a process. I let him into my space and my time and enjoyed every second of it. I have this tender feeling inside of me as I type this now. It wasn't a huge deal, it didn't require a whole lot of effort, but what I got out of it changed my outlook on my job as a "parent" and even how I see Connor. We talked one-on-one those few minutes together folding laundry, I taught him a few new things...but he taught me even more. Slow down parents, take the time to enjoy your little crazies, it is so worth it.

real sushi

I like the April Fool's Day sushi a lot better than the real stuff, but I tried all of it and I am proud of myself. I am getting brave and it made for a very memorable night!

"Sushi James"

spring break

Last week Connor had his Spring Break. Since school and all of our other activities were cancelled we were able to play a lot. We of course spent a lot of time with Natalie and kids and even did fun things on our own. It was a good week, but I am glad that Connor is back in school this week. Hallelujah!

Museum of Flight:

Robin Woods Park:
Woodland Park Zoo:

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

a white conference weekend

Jared's Brielle sat in my lap taking pictures of Jared and I watching "Dan in Real Life"

We went in rides around the driveway in the Hummer
Brielle even drove
I love this picture, the colors, the closeness
Now imagine him smelling as good as he looks, Jared on his way to Priesthood Session
We had such beautiful weather, the river looked gorgeous
I love Jared's "little" brother Colton, he is a bundle of energy
I fell in love with this little 3-year-old, Brielle is so funny and cute and loves to play, I miss her

I spent General Conference weekend (2 weekends ago now) with the White's in Wenatchee, Washingotn (Jared would be so proud of my alliteration, if he ever looked at this dang blog). I love being at the Whites, being a part of their family. I love being with Jared and laughing and joking like we have done for years. I am so glad that he lives only a couple hours away. My heart is already breaking for when he moves far away from me at the end of Summer to attend Graduate School. Jared, please don't go! General Conference was fabulous. I am excited to read and study the talks and improve who I am. It is strange to think next Conference time I will not be with Jared. I better see the J-Bizzle MANY times over the next few months so I can make up for the fact that he is leaving me. Boo Hoo Hoo.

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

happy birthday ljg

Today is Lindsay's birthday. I love you Linds! I wish I was with you, but at least I was there a week or so ago. Thanks for the MANY years of friendship. Thanks for recent help and advice. I love knowing that you are only one phone call away and since you are one of "my favs" talking to you is basically free. I hope you have a fabulous day.

Saturday, April 05, 2008

i love when it's not raining!

Last week:

Last month:

I love to be outside and these days we have to go out every time it's a sunny day because it might not be sunny the next day. Last week Stephanie was able to come to hang out with us at Natalie's work. We took a walk and met a cat named Julio. It was a little chilly, but so gorgeous. I'm still counting down the days until summer.


Here are the rest of the pictures from my little jaunt to Utah last week. Can't you tell how much fun I had? I really did. It was good to have a little break from work, this past week with my boys was especially good because of it. I feel so blessed to have a place to go where I feel so loved and surround by people that care about me. I am already trying to figure out when I will be going back to Provo. One trip is never enough.

Another picture of us, me without glasses

After Sunday dinner, right before I went to the airport

I think this picture is so cute

Old roomies and I mean old (how did that happen?)

LJG23 and Lick, BFF

Fun on the bed

More fun

It was freezing when we went to the Temple, but the sun eventually came out

We visited Brando at work and then all went underwear shopping together

Sydney Carter

Rob and Syd, sometimes I'm not so popular with the kids

Baby Robby Parsons

Hanging out with ALL of the Farmers at the Y

Before the Broadcast started, I love these girls

We had great seats!

The Farmer girls (minus Emma and Claire)

They are so beautiful and such good girls, how did they get so old?