Sunday, August 16, 2009

greyson's baptism

On July 16th Greyson turned 8!!! We had a family party for him (James frosted/decorated his birthday cake!). Grey is such a good kid, so nice and aware of others, he has such great knowledge of the gospel. He is fun to be around, and a good brother and friend. He is amazing at drawing. He likes to play games, swim, play sports, he loves his Dad and he's such a good helper. We love Greyson so much!

Just 2 days after his birthday, Grey got to be baptized by his Dad. It was such a happy day. He was so excited and knew he was doing what's right. James was so proud of his boy and so pleased to be able to baptize and confirm him. We especially loved that all of our family and friends traveled down to Tacoma for his baptism. Thanks everyone, that meant so much to us!

Our little family!


Anonymous said...

Yeah Greyson! We are so proud of you. We are sorry we couldn't be there! And that b-day cake looked pretty cool!

Love Cousin Amy and Sam and Liz, and cousin Jake too!

Olivia Carter said...


Julie said...

Congratulations Greyson! That's so exciting.

Ashley said...

I found you. Congratulations Greyson.

Heidi said...

Congratulations!!! I love that part of my calling, getting to attend all those baptisms!

That cake almost looks too pretty to eat. James, you need to teach a Home, Family, and Personal Enrichment lesson!